Harare Officials 2019

Branch Chairperson –Debra Mudariki

Branch Secretary – Natasha Dollar

Branch Treasurer - Tendai Muchena

The Harare branch meets regularly on the last Monday of each month and has the highest number of members in accordance with the most number of physios in the country. There are several active members of the branch and projects are regularly undertaken to promote the profession especially around the 8th September, International Physiotherapy Day and other activities at medical seminars, sporting events and in schools. The branch also has an active student membership.


Bulawayo Officials 2017:

Branch Chairperson – Emmanuel Gukwae

Branch Secretary –Kudzanayi Muzenda

Branch Treasurer – Mrs A Mackintosh

The Bulawayo branch meets on the Fouth Monday of the month and although being a smaller branch, has very proactive members. They are to be applauded for encouraging the formation of the Midlands Branch. They have started Continuing Education, Government Therapist, Sports and Private Practice Therapist Interest groups within the branch. Presentations were made by the physios themselves to each other and they brought in other medical professionals to present on other disciplines. The branch has formulated future plans for development.

Midlands Branch

 Officials 2014:

Branch Chairperson – Mr Crispen Matema

Branch Secretary – Mr G Chimbadzwa

Branch Treasurer – Mr E Chivunze.

The Midlands Branch meets regularly at the end of every month, and has a small and very active membership, which interacts with other professional bodies, such as ZIMA, the Retail Pharmacists Association, Radiographers Association and the Nurses Council and participates in other initiatives such as the Global Fund and other related organizations. The branch has identified it’s challenges and has charted a way forward.


Branch Chairperson – Amato Machikicho

Vice Chairperson - Clemence Muhle

Branch Secretary – Ms Chido Pfumojena

Branch Treasurer –

The Manicaland Branch meets every last Monday or Wednesday of the month (according to physios schedules) and despite having few members as there are a small number of physios in the province, is very active in the region with presentations to Marange Diamonds, Mutare Polytechnic and Hillcrest Private College and a forum attended by many health professionals in the province.